Hostess Wins The Olympics Advertising Gold Medal

Reach for the gold goodness of Twinkies, pole “vaulter.”

Everybody loves the Olympics "ambush" ad produced by Nike (see it here). It's a nice corporate spot. But I'm sorry: "greatness" is NOT for all of us. It's not for me. And It's definitely not for you, you fucking sloths.

Hostess is, like you, not in great shape. They declared bankruptcy for the second time just last January (according to Ad Age). But, dammit, with these two commercials, they're fighting back hard.

And, no matter: 100 years from now, all those Twinkies in that warehouse will still be as fresh as the day they were made (*tears in my eyes*).

Second spot, "Gymnast," below.

Ad agency: Bernstein-Rein.


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