Henry Rollins’s Weird 1985 Ode To 7-Eleven

The second ever issue of SPIN magazine in 1985 included a bizarre essay by Henry Rollins about how much he loves 7-11 convenience stores.

Source: Ed Colver for SPIN Magazine

All of SPIN Magazine's archives are up on Google Books, which is a real treat to browse through. I was looking at the second ever issue, in June 1985, and this stream-of-consciousness essay by Henry Rollins about how he adores the 7-Eleven convenience store chain lept out at me.

Here are the best excerpts, but it's worth the whole surreal read:

Source: flickriver.com

I bet, just bet, you and I have one thing in common, one thing that unites us, one thing that will allow us to look each other in the eyes and feel right. Yes, friend… 7-11. They’re in your town, they’re in my town, we both seen the orange, white and green beacon against the night sky. What’s your thing? Coffee, video games, microwave food? You want somethin’? They got somethin’ you wani, and that is good.

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