Baseball Superstar Matt Kemp Denies Connection To The Zombie Apocalypse

In an exclusive interview with BuzzFeed Sports, Kemp has some surprising things to say about zombies. What is Matt Kemp trying to hide?

Earlier today, at the kick-off event for the 83rd MLB All-Star Game, I had a chance to talk with Dodgers outfielder and leading National League All-Star vote-getter Matt Kemp. The zombie apocalypse has been on our minds a lot recently at BuzzFeed HQ, and I wanted to give Kemp a chance to weigh in on a topic that's captivating the thoughts of a nation.

What he had to say was surprising.

Conspiracy theories:

1. Los Angeles has already fallen to the zombies, and Kemp's trying to curry favor.

2. Kemp's secretly a mad scientist working on a potential cure to stop the zombies.

3. Kemp's secretly a mad scientist working on a potential virus to spread the zombies.

4. Kemp knows zombies don't like baseball, and he's offended.

5. Kemp hates Resident Evil.

6. Zombies invited Kemp to join their zombie government, and Kemp declined, so in fact he really does not have anything to do with the zombie apocalypse.

7. Kemp thought I was talking about Frank McCourt.

8. Zombies want to move the Dodgers back to Brooklyn.

9. Jose Bautista's a zombie.

10. Kemp actually didn't know what I was talking about.


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