Nude TSA Protester Disrobes For Justice

Turn the other cheek. This is John E. Brennan, and he converts airport screenings into acts of civil disobedience by putting the “body” back into “full body search.” Here he is yesterday at the Portland International Airport. Because of course this was in Portland.

In this Tuesday, April 17, 2012 photo taken at Portland International Airport, John E. Brennan stands naked after he stripped down while going through a security screening area, as a protest against airport security procedures. The incident report said Brennan's actions Tuesday evening caused some passengers to cover their eyes and their children's eyes while others looked, laughed and took photos. He later told authorities he flies often and "disrobed as a form of protest against TSA (Transportation Security Administration) screeners he felt were harassing him." He missed his flight to San Jose, California.

(AP / Brian Reilly)


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