Katy Perry Dancing With A Furry And Other Links

You'd think they could funnel some of her costume budget into the anthropomorphic cat suit. Plus, American nuns need to spend less time being feminist and some Dalek mash-ups to brighten your day. These and other links await your clicking pleasure.

Man commits suicide on Skype while girlfriend watches; police refuse to break in to save him. - [HuffingtonPost]

American movies are quick to paint other countries with a broad brush so it should come as no surprise that they return the favor. - [Pajiba]

Eating meat led to a homo sapien dominated world order. - [History]

These squirrels have really large nuts. - [DeathAndTaxes]

American nuns chastised by the Vatican for being feminist and focusing too much on poverty and economic injustice. Because helping the downtrodden is totally not what Jesus would do. - [TheAtlanticWire]

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, Mexican fishermen catch a two-ton Great White Shark. - [GlobalPost]

Daleks will EXTERMINATE the mash-up competition. - [MentalFloss]

Anthony Hopkins shows off a uncannily accurate Alfred Hitchcock profile for the biopic he's starring in. - [Flavorwire]

19 facts about your brain to remember as you celebrate 4/20. - [TheChive]

Headline Story: Apparently the cat is named "Kitty Purry" and is part of Perry's tour. Which doesn't really make it sound less creepy. - [Celebuzz]


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