Facebook Introduces Revolutionary "Facebook" Feature

Déjà vu: Facebook today announced Facebook for Schools, which will “allow people with an active school email address to join groups at their college or university.” Guys, I think Facebook is stuck in a loop.

How far has Facebook drifted from its original mission? Could it maybe be so far that it's now using its own site to reintroduce itself? Yes???

Here's an announcement posted on Facebook's site, today, now, this year, on the Earth:

Today we're announcing Groups for Schools, which allow people with an active school email address to join groups at their college or university.

See what's happening on campus

You can join a group for your major to discuss classes, for your sorority to plan upcoming events, or for your dorm to share photos.

This, for those of you younger than, say, 23, is exactly how Facebook started. You used to need a university email address to sign up, and once you did it was all about your school. Facebook was a way to "see what's happening on campus." That's all it was. Here's the Harvard Crimson talking to Mark Zuckerberg in 2005:

Zuckerberg’s site allows people with Harvard e-mail addresses to upload their pictures and personal and academic information. Just as with the popular website Friendster, which Zuckerberg said was a model for his new website, members can search for people according to their interests and can create an online network of friends... “The nature of the site is that each user’s experience improves if they can get their friends to join it,” [says Zuckerberg].

So, are you excited about Facebook's new FACEBOOK? It's coming to your school soon! "Groups for Schools will gradually be rolling out to colleges and universities around the world," says the post. Guys I am so pumped. This is going to be HUGE.

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