David Beckham's 'Mildly Sexy' Manty Ads Escape UK Ban — See 7 More That Haven't

Lesson here is: the Advertising Standards Authority is okay with Beckham's toplessness, but not Julia Roberts's photoshopped face.

Source: cdn.fashionista.com

Unlike most places, officials in the U.K. who regulate advertising just love fielding and responding to complaints from the general public — often by banning lots of advertisements! Sometimes getting an ad banned just takes one or two angry letters from people about a certain photoshop job (that newfangled technology no one knows exists unless it is stated in BIG LETTERS on an image, you know). Or a politician complaining about how an ad for wrinkle cream — get this — promises obviously impossible results. But some ads, like David Beckham's new one for his H&M underwear, survive. In the case of that one, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled against two people (yes, just the two) who found it "offensive":

"The ASA noted that there was no explicit nudity in the image, and that the ad was for an underwear range," the findings stated. "We considered that the nature of the product meant viewers of the ad were less likely to regard the ad as gratuitous or offensive, and considered that the poses and facial expressions of David Beckham were mildly sexual at most.

But what ads haven't been so lucky? Here are 7 the ASA has banned.

Rachel Weisz's L'Oreal Revatalift skin cream ad.

Rachel Weisz's L'Oreal Revatalift skin cream ad.

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