Creepy! Watch Lindsay Lohan Age Dramatically

Lindsay Lohan has grown up in the public eye, and now there's a chilling new video that shows her transformation from adorable baby to fresh-faced kid star to time-ravaged celeb in just over 60 seconds.

The clip, which has gone viral on the web with over 2.7 million views, morphs the 25-year-old over two and a half decades, highlighting her many hair changes, shades of tan and altered facial features.

PHOTOS: How Lindsay Lohan's face has changed

And while the video ends with an almost unrecognizable (and perhaps surgically enhanced) platinum blonde LiLo. the actress recently dyed her hair back to her natural red color and is attempting to revive her career with a guest spot on Glee. She was also taken off probation from her 2007 Beverly Hills DUI case.

Lindsay Lohan in 1998 and 2012

Lindsay Lohan in 1998 and 2012
Credit: Steve Granitz/; Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

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