CLAIM: Miley Cyrus Flashing Her Breasts and Exercising to Outdo Liam Hemsworth

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Miley Cyrus has allowed “petty jealousy” of boyfriend Liam Hemsworth to “take over her life,” claims In Touch.

The tabloid says the actress is acting out after The Hunger Games elevated Hemsworth’s profile, allegedly “intent on stealing the spotlight with her bad-girl behavior.”

“She’s willing to do anything for attention,” declares a so-called “insider” for the magazine, which claims a supposed “topless photo” of Cyrus taken at a private party is evidence of her shameless drive for publicity.

As In Touch explains, “Miley sees Liam’s career eclipsing her own — when at the start of their relationship, she held all the star power.”

In addition to the “flashing” incident (which In Touch doesn’t bother to support with any actual proof), the tabloid is suspicious of her health regimen.

She’s “become obsessed with exercising,” writes the magazine, bizarrely treating it as another example of Cyrus “acting out.”

But Cyrus’ “unruly behavior” could “make Liam disappear,” warns the tabloid, quoting a “pal” as saying that Hemsworth is checking out Hollywood “bachelor pads.”

Another In Touch source sums up Cyrus’ state of mind: “She feels like a total failure.”

Except the “total failure” here is entirely the tabloid’s.

According to In Touch (ahem) “logic,” a superstar like Cyrus is “flashing her breasts” to generate more buzz than The Hunger Games — and to both outdo and keep her boyfriend.


She’s also supposedly going all “bad girl” by… exercising.

Again: Huh?

Sources close to both Cyrus and Hemsworth laughed off the In Touch story, telling Gossip Cop the two are as happy and content as ever.

It’s starting to look like the tabloid is the one going overboard in its desperation to find anything wrong with Cyrus and Hemsworth’s relationship.

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