Radio Host Alex Jones Calls for Angelina Jolie’s Arrest for “War Crimes” (VIDEO)



Alex Jones, the conspiracy-minded talk show host and filmmaker, is calling for the arrest of Angelina Jolie for alleged war crimes.

The startling charge comes in a new video (below) posted by Jones in response to Kony 2012 and the larger movement to raise awareness about brutal Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.

Jones claims the anti-Kony crusade is just “war propaganda” being used to justify conflict with humanitarian excuses, and he specifically unloads on Jolie.

Calling her an “emaciated vampire woman” and “monster” who’s been “selling genocide,” Jones also labels Jolie a “disgrace and danger to humanity” and demands she be punished.


“Angelina Jolie, you may just be a useful idiot, but that doesn’t matter,” declares Jones. “You are aiding and abetting corrupt corporate interests that control our government and use its military to expand their empire and steal resources.”

He continues, ”You are nothing but a globalist whore, and you need to be arrested, you need to be brought to justice, along with all the other war criminals that are supporting these invasions and selling it as humanitarian.”


Um, thoughts?

Check out the intense video below.

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