Meghan McCain's Playboy Interview

The Playboy 20 Questions interview doesn't include any “Game Change”-related questions, but does include a dig at Mormons. McCain also tells kids of presidential candidates to “Get sleep, be nice and shut up.”


Meghan McCain, never one to be shy, does Playboy's "20 Questions" for the magazine's April issue:

PLAYBOY: What’s cool about being famous?

MCCAIN: People don’t recognize me that much unless I’m with my dad. I look different without makeup on, and usually I wear beanies and big sweaters and look like I’m drunk all the time. I got good seats at the Republican convention last time and got to meet all the Palins.

McCain also elaborates on her theory for why politicians are prone to sex scandals, while squeezing in a shot at Mormons:

PLAYBOY: Why do so many politicians get caught up in sex scandals?

MCCAIN: I always say repression breeds obsession. Politicians have to be goody-goodies. They put on this face of perfection and pretend they’re completely above indiscretion. But the more you deny your sexual side, the more it builds up and comes out in inappropriate ways. Not to bring any particular politician into this discussion, but I always find it fascinating that the number one state per capita for downloading porn is Utah. All those pious Mormons and they’re drooling at their laptops all day.

The phrase "strictly dickly" does make an appearance elsewhere in the interview.


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