MAG: Kim Kardashian “Steals” Eva Longoria’s Ex Eduardo Cruz

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(In Touch)

The new In Touch cover story claims Kim Kardashian is “sinking to a new low,” allegedly betraying Eva Longoria by supposedly going after her close friend’s ex Eduardo Cruz.

According to the tabloid, Kardashian has been “throwing herself” at Cruz, with whom she now has a “steamy secret romance.”

In pursuing the man with whom Longoria reportedly just split, Kardashian is ”breaking one of the most important codes of friendship,” claims In Touch.

The mag says that Longoria has been having “second thoughts” about her parting with Cruz and might want him back, but that even knowing this hasn’t stopped Kardashian from “sending Eduardo flirty text messages and sexy pictures of herself.”

In Touch creates an elaborate fantasy world in which Kardashian portrays herself as a “damsel in distress,” with Cruz as her protector, and constantly points out how she’s a better match for him than Longoria.

Now Kardashian and Cruz allegedly have “plans to go on vacation next month,” according to a tabloid “insider.”

“As sickening as it may seem, [Kardashian] is lonely and desperate enough to betray her best friend,” writes In Touch.

It’s terrain In Touch knows well, since it’s frequently desperate enough to betray its readers.

There is NO truth to this alleged Longoria-Cruz-Kardashian love triangle, which is just the latest flight of imagination for a magazine that spends way too much time inventing controversy for Kardashian’s entire family.

A source close to Kardashian tells Gossip Cop the Cruz story is “ridiculous.”

Kardashian herself has since taken to Twitter and declared that the cover allegation “isn’t true.”

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