Kim Kardashian “Jealous” Sister Kourtney is Having a Baby Girl?

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“Kim’s Baby Envy,” reads the headline of a piece in In Touch that claims “Kim Kardashian tried  to act supportive… but when she learned at a recent family gathering that her pregnant sister Kourtney is expecting a girl, she was unable to hide her true feelings.”

According to a so-called “insider” for the mag, Kim was “green with envy.”

The tabloid goes on to write that Kim is now “trying to cover up her jealousy by splurging on so many clothes and toys for her unborn niece, you’d think she was the one expecting.”

So, Kim’s buying loads of clothes and toys for her unborn niece because she’s “jealous”?

Regardless of how illogical that is, an impeccable Kardashian source assures Gossip Cop that Kim is “not jealous. She’s very happy for her sister.”

In fact, on Saturday Kourtney tweeted, “Kim is the best babysitter! Mason loves her the most out of all of his aunties!”

We’re sure In Touch will follow up this week’s blunder with an equally inaccurate piece on how Kourtney’s tweet about her sister being a good aunt is just her way to help “cover up” for Kim’s “jealousy.”

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