‘Idol’: Name your power list

The "American Idol" Top 13.
  • The Top 13 head into tonight's Whitney Houston/Stevie Wonder performance
  • Jermaine Jones is ranked 13th on EW.com's "American Idol" Power List
  • Jessica Sanchez is ranked 1st on EW.com's "American Idol" Power List

(EW.com) -- Welcome back to another round of EW.com's "American Idol" Power List -- in which I attempt to predict how America will vote for the finalists and you all disagree with me and post your own ranking, and it's okay because none of us plebes are fortune-tellers and the only being who knows exactly what will happen is celestial mouthpiece Ryan Seacrest.

Wait 'til you see where I put hair model DeAndre Brackensick (pictured) as the Top 13 head into tonight's two-hour Whitney Houston/Stevie Wonder performance round. You're gonna freak out! Read through my photo gallery ranking of The Top 13, then leave your own list in the comments....

Annie's Power List for March 7, 2012

13. Jermaine Jones

12. Erika Van Pelt

11. Jeremy Rosado

10. Elise Testone

9. Shannon Magrane

8. DeAndre Brackensick

7. Heejun Han

6. Hollie Cavanagh

5. Joshua Ledet

4. Colton Dixon

3. Skylar Laine

2. Phillip Phillips Jr.

1. Jessica Sanchez

¡¡¡¡¡ BONUS POWER LIST !!!!!

Season 11′s Most Popular Family Members SO FAR

6. Schyler Dixon

5. The cousins Jessica Sanchez dragged to the mall

4. Shannon Magrane's famous baseball dad

3. Heejun Han's dancing mom

2. Jermaine Jones' happily hyperventilating mama

1. Phillip Phillips' dad, Phillip Phillips

Everyone loves to make a list. Do it!

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