Gingrich Isn't Going Anywhere

Haters can hate and Santorum can hope, but Newt is staying in the race. Gingrich's “March Mo” is a gift to Romney.

(Getty Images / Alex Wong)

Surprise! Newt Gingrich won his home state.

While not unexpected, it's probably the worst news Rick Santorum will hear tonight even if he loses Ohio. With this win, Gingrich is not only planning on remaining in the race, but he's planning on another resurgence.

Gingrich will launch a "southern strategy" to win states in the GOP heartland, which will hurt no one more than Rick Santorum. Santorum, who has already suffered a defeat in Michigan and may lose the other big blue-collar manufacturing state of Ohio tonight, will have no choice but to butt head with Santorum across the south if he wants to continue to pick up delegates.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney will continue to pick up delegates everywhere else.

Source: @newtgingrich

Source: @newtgingrich

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