CLAIM: Rumer Willis Headed to Rehab

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Rumer Willis might be headed to rehab,” reports another off-base “exclusive” from HollywoodLife, which quotes an alleged family “source” as saying the actress “hasn’t learned a lesson from her mother Demi Moore’s breakdown.”

According to this so-called “insider,” “Rumer parties all the time. She’s out all night long and doesn’t seem upset over her mom’s breakdown.”

Adds the purported source, “Her entire family is worried sick about her and they think she might need to go to rehab like Demi. Everyone wants to help her but she won’t listen.”

But Willis supposedly “doesn’t think she has a problem” and “doesn’t want to be lectured,” claims the webloid’s “insider.”

HollywoodLife adds that Willis “has lost weight recently and is on her way to being as bone-thin as her mother.”

Actually, it’s this story that’s “bone-thin” on the facts.

The site gives NO actual details of what sort of risky behavior Willis is supposedly engaging in other than claiming she allegedly “parties” a lot.

NOT ONCE does HollywoodLife’s mention anything concrete that would precipitate Willis needing rehab.

Basically, it just seems as if the blog is using Willis as a way to perpetuate the drama of Moore recently having gone to rehab.

Regardless, a source close to Willis assures Gossip Cop, HollywoodLife’s tale is “untrue, like most of their stories.”


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