CLAIM: Justin Bieber Wants Hands Off Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber got rubbed the wrong way by a gift from Selena Gomez, claims the National Enquirer.

According to the supermarket tab, as a Valentine’s Day treat, Gomez booked “side-by-side at-home professional massages,” and Bieber “loved the idea… until the masseurs turned out to be two 6-foot-plus male hunks!”

The mag says that before the men could even unpack their massage tables, Bieber told them, “Sorry guys, this isn’t going to work.”

When Gomez asked why, the Enquirer says her boyfriend explained, “There is no way a guy is gonna rub his hands all over my girlfriend’s body!”

As she walked away annoyed, Bieber showed “the beefcakes” to the door and generously paid them, reports the tab.

Romance, conflict, drama — the Enquirer‘s story has everything… except the truth.

Bieber’s rep tells Gossip Cop that the magazine’s story is “complete bulls**t.”

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