Britney Spears Wedding Called Off?

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“The Wedding’s Off” for Britney Spears and Jason Trawick, declares Star magazine.

According to the tabloid, the pop star’s lawyers have advised her to postpone her nuptials until she “has settled the lawsuit her former manager, Sam Lufti, filed against her and her parents.”

But really, claims Star, it’s all a convenient cover excuse for Spears to avoid the wedding altogether.

“Britney is telling Jason she’s heartbroken, but she’s actually thankful she has an excuse to pull out of the wedding,” a so-called “family friend” alleges to the magazine.


This “family friend” explains Spears “feels that she was railroaded into the marriage by her dad, Jamie, and Jason because they thought it would be best for her,” and that she “only said yes to Jason’s proposal because it seemed like the best way to free herself from her smothering conservatorship.”

Now the wedding “is on hold indefinitely,” says Star, which is convenient for the magazine to report… since there was never an actual date set.

Here’s what’s actually going on: Star magazine has a long (and not so proud) history of publishing inaccurate stories about the couple, including a particularly disgusting and totally untrue cover story claiming an abusive Trawick “beat” Spears.

Like those previous mis-reportings about Spears and Trawick, this new article about their wedding being called “off” is bogus.

Spears’ camp tells Gossip Cop the story is completely false, and that she and Trawick are as happy as ever and enjoying their engagement.

Whether it’s scheduling non-existent weddings or canceling them, Star seems to be ahead of everyone these days.

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