Whitney Houston’s Family Fears “Grave Robbers”?

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(Daily Star)

“Armed guards are protecting Whitney Houston’s grave from bling-hunting robbers,” begins a piece by the Daily Star.

According to the tab, Houston was buried on Sunday in New Jersey with thousands of dollars worth of jewels, and now “the treasure-filled casket has caused alarm among the star’s family and friends.”

“There is a very genuine fear that her coffin will be targeted by grave robbers,” explains a so-called “source.”

The “source” adds that bodyguards have now been hired to keep watch outside her grave.

Here’s what’s right about the Daily Star’s article: Houston was laid to rest on Sunday in New Jersey.

Here’s what’s wrong about the Daily Star’s article. Everything else.

A Houston confidante, tired of all the sick rumors since the singer’s sudden passing, tells Gossip Cop there’s no fear of “grave robbers,” because it’s “not true” she was buried with thousands of dollars worth of jewels.

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