The Night "The Bachelor" Turned Into A Giant Commercial For "Titanic 3D"

Cringe-inducing. I couldn't stop facepalming and omitting groans of “are you kidding me?!” while watching this last night.

Former Bachelorettes Ashley Hebert and Ali Fetodowsky met up with Emily to help prepare her for her upcoming nationally-televised dating nightmare. I think Ali put it best when she advised Emily's accessory choices saying, "[It's] just the little little things that you don't think of -- things that go along with dating 25 guys!"

ABC execs: "Okay, girls. We're going to introduce Emily as the next Bachelorette in a serious of product plugs for jewelry, make-up, and finally, 'Titanic 3D.' Make sure you say 'awwwwww!' at the same time at least once!"

I would be remiss if I didn't include this clip of Kacie B. returning to the show to get some final closure from Ben (in the Swiss alps, no less!). I like to call this clip "Apparently You Can Get Vertigo From A Double Rejection."

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