The Los Angeles Clippers Are Trying To Shut Down Their Number One Fan

Clipper Darrell has been an institution at the Staples Center for years, but suddenly the team he loves isn't returning his affection.

Clipper Darrell is as big a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers as the NBA's most beleaguered franchise has ever known. No matter how bad things got for the team Clipper Darrell was always in the aisles dancing, riling up the crowd, and mercilessly taunting the opposition. This is a fan so well-regarded by players and organizations throughout the league that Mark Cuban flew him to Dallas a few years ago to offer him a job. So it came as a surprise to find out that the (now hot) Los Angeles Clippers have asked that Darrell stop using the name.

It is with great sadness that I must report to all those in NBA NATION that I have been told by Clipper management they no longer want me to be Clipper Darrell, a name that was given to me by the media because of my unwavering support and team spirit. I am devastated!!!!

I have been a season ticket holder for over a decade and a FAN for over 15 years and have dedicated a major part of my life to support the Clipper organization and it’s players no matter what the season’s outcome. Over the years (400 home games) I have gone to great lengths to show my appreciation and loyalty in my attire, the car I drive and in my very own home. I’ve taken seriously the mantra of being “Clipper Darrell” in performing community service, mentoring young children and my participation in outreach programs. I’ve appreciated the struggles of the team to overcome obstacles as I’ve done in my life. I felt vindicated for all the years we as Clipper fans have gone through trials and tribulations and NOW we have a team that can win it all. Yesterday was the hardest day of my life, I felt powerless as a fan, as I was stripped of my identity however, no one can take away my heart and the love I have for my team!

NBA players quickly rushed to Darrell's defense:

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