TAB: Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Have “Plans to Elope”


“Kim and Reggie: Secret Plans to Elope,” reads the headline of a piece from In Touch that claims Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are going to secretly wed.

According to the tab, Kardashian has “agreed to an out-of-character, intimate wedding.”

Adds a so-called “friend” who’s quoted in the magazine: “She’s insisting that she wants to run off with him to marry… It’ll be very private.”

Bush is fully onboard, says In Touch, if Kardashian gives up her life of publicity.

“While he will not tolerate her spotlight-hogging lifestyle,” writes the mag, “he has agreed to elope.”

So, when are they eloping?

In about a week from… never.

It’s true the two are still close, but they’re NOT planning to elope.

A Kardashian confidante tells Gossip Cop the In Touch story is “ridiculous and not true.”

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