Snooki Pregnancy Rumors Swirl (Again) And Other Links

Word on the street is we are really obsessed with the contents of Snooki's uterus. Also, an MMO giant cuts hundreds of jobs and the T. Rex protects his status as an apex predator. These and other Buzz we missed await your clicking pleasure.

Sloth sex lives are not what you'd expect. - [GlobalPost]

Israel tells America "I do what I want!" in regards to Iran. - [HuffingtonPost]

See the design for the first dollar bill in the U.S. back when men were men and everyone was dubious about money made of paper. - [MentalFloss]

GQ may have gotten ahead of themselves in naming the 10 Actors of our generation in 2005. - [Pajiba]

North Korea decides it needs food aid more than nuclear arms...for now. - [FoxNews]

T.Rex has had it with this "giant vulture" scavenger rap he's gotten lately. - [Tecca]

Science proves wearing red makes women more attractive. Sorry cancer patients, we've got real research to do over here. - [Glamour]

Blizzard lays off hundreds of people but everything is fine. Really. Fine. Just fine. - [Joystiq]

Mother/Daughter striptease show is creeping me out. - [TheStir]

Headline Story: So, is Snooki really pregnant this time or is the media turning into the boy who cried "Preggers!"? - [PinkIsTheNewBlog]


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