Selena Gomez “Hints” at Justin Bieber Split on Twitter, Site Wrongly Declares

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HollywoodLife is at it again, fabricating drama about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

The webloid has spent months posting breathless, wrong rumors about everything from Bieber allegedly hanging out at the Playboy mansion (not true) to speculation that Gomez was to “blame” for Bieber’s “bad behavior” (seriously?).

Back in December, the sensationalistic site spread word that the couple could be engaged – shockingly, they were not.

Now, HollywoodLife has a headline that reads: “Selena Gomez Hints At Justin Bieber Split On Twitter.”


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Well, on Thursday, Gomez tweeted a photo of a flower with its petals fallen off and the note, “Love me not..”

To counter any whispers that the tweet referred to Bieber, Gomez quickly followed up the picture with another tweet: “Whoa.. I was just picking some flowers with this chick. Smile everyone.”

In other words, Gomez herself specifically shot down any misinterpretation of the flower picture.

But that didn’t stop HollywoodLife from printing a headline suggesting implying that Gomez had revealed a breakup with Bieber!

“Selena posts a cryptic tweet and photo – we hope all is well with our fav couple!” declared the site, ignoring the fact that there was no longer anything “cryptic” about it whatsoever.

And even after acknowledging that Gomez had already cleared up possible confusion, HollywoodLife still ended its post with the question, “Do YOU think Justin and Selena split up?”

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Once again, HollywoodLife is more interested in fanning the flames of rumor than just reporting the facts.

Gomez did not “hint” at a breakup, and there’s absolutely no story here.

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