Khloe Kardashian on O.J. Simpson Dad Rumor: I’d Hopefully Be “Tanner” (VIDEO)


(The Insider)

Khloe Kardashian is subjected to endless paternity rumors, as evidenced by breathless media coverage of her supposedly meeting her “real dad” following sister Kylie Jenner’s Twitter joke on Wednesday.

The most bizarre claim to gain traction in recent weeks was the report that O.J. Simpson is Kardashian’s actual father.

Kardashian responded to the “issue” during an appearance on “The Insider.”


“I don’t think he is [my dad],” deadpanned Kardashian.

She joked, “I would hope if I’m half black and half white, I would be a little tanner,” adding, “I don’t know where these stories come from.”

Check out the video below!

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