Jeremy Lin's Junior High Yearbooks Can Be Yours

If you want to spend an insane amount of money. The 7th grade one costs $2000 more than the 8th grade one, because it's signed. That's reasonable right?

Acne. The rising tide of hormones. "The Cha Cha Slide (Part Two)." Junior High is a confusing, shitty time that many of us would rather forget. Why? Because it is humiliating. My seventh grade girlfriend and my song was Creed's "With Arms Wide Open." I once wrote her an email that heavily leaned on the lyrics from BBMak's "Back Here." That bridge between childhood and adulthood is paved with ripped pants, awkward kiss attempts, and tears cried while listening to Brandy's "Have You Ever."

Luckily most of us never have to think about that era again. But most of us aren't budding NBA stars who have captured the nation's imagination with a week of dominant performances for the New York Knickerbocker basketball franchise. So, I'm sorry Jeremy Lin, but it's time to walk down memory lane, because some guy you went to school with named Fernando is selling your yearbooks on eBay for an insane amount of money.

7th Grade

7th Grade

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