"Friday" One-Year Anniversary

It's been a year today since Rebecca Black's “Friday” was first uploaded to the internet. Have you had your bowl of cereal yet today?

On Thursay February 10, 2011, some unknown worker bee at Ark Music Factory first uploaded the video for "Friday," a for-pay song written and produced by Ark Music factory for a Californian teenager named Rebecca Black. It got about a dozen views that first day.

A few months before, Black's mom had signed a contract with Ark, buying one song and one music video for her daughter for $4,000. The song was finished in late December; in January, Ark shot the exteriors for the video at her dad's house, with her actual friends kickin' in the front seat, sittin' in the back seat. As she told the O.C. Register, she had to shoot the "7 a.m., waking up in the morning" line probably "30 times."

The video skulked around YouTube quietly, finishing out February with just over 1,000 views.

And there it maybe would have stayed, if it weren't for Shawn.

Source: YouTube Trends

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