CLAIM: Tom Cruise “Losing Control Of His Kids” Connor and Isabella

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Tom Cruise is “losing control of his kids,” according to In Touch.

The magazine insists that the star is “struggling” with Isabella and Connor, his two adopted children with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.


Have they gotten into anything illegal or dangerous?

Um, not exactly.

“Ever since they were babies, Tom has micromanaged Bella and Connor’s lives,” a so-called “insider” tells the tabloid, adding, “He feels left out now that they are establishing identities and making their own ways in the world.”

Wait, so this entire article is about Cruise’s adult or near-adult children becoming more independent?

That’s basically the case.

Connor, for instance, is making his own money as a DJ now, making him less dependent on his famous father for cash.

Isabella, meanwhile, is dating a musician named Eddie Frencher, a sign that she’s “ready to break free from the family.”

“Bella and Connor have their own ideas of how they want to live their lives. It’s time for Tom to let them fly,” concludes the “insider.”

Let’s translate this entire piece of In Touch “reporting”: Children get older, and their parents sometimes have trouble letting go.

The suggestion that this is somehow unique to the Cruises is complete nonsense.

As for the notion that Tom Cruise is trying to keep his kids from living their own lives, a rep tells us that’s “false.”

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