CLAIM: Scarlett Johansson Moving to London to Escape Ex Ryan Reynolds

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According to the Daily Mail, “Scarlett Johansson is so keen to avoid any encounters with ex-husband Ryan Reynolds and his new girlfriend Blake Lively in New York that she is considering buying a property in London.”

“Scarlett doesn’t want any awkward run-ins with Ryan and Blake in New York,” a so-called “friend” explains to the newspaper, which claims Johansson “visited an estate agent to help her search for an apartment” in London last week.

Wait, ScarJo is going to flee her hometown because she’s afraid of bumping into her ex?

All of this assumes that Johansson is even looking to buy a place in London, which her rep tells Gossip Cop is “not true.”

Moreover, even if Johansson did decide to get a place across the Atlantic, it’s not going to be her permanent base, it would not mark the start of a “new life” in England (as the Daily Mail claims), and it would have nothing to do with Reynolds or Lively.

This is the week’s second story about a female celeb making a major overseas real estate decision based on personal jealousy.

They’re both inaccurate.

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