CLAIM: House Ending Because Hugh Laurie is Tired of Doing the Show

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“Even though Fox TV said this week that ‘House’ was being dropped after eight seasons, the truth was more like the star had decided to drop out,” begins a piece by the New York Post.

According to the paper, leading actor Hugh Laurie told a British outlet just last weekend how “overwhelming” filming the show could be.

Laurie is quoted as saying, “There are very few things in life that are so deliciously enjoyable that you want to do them for 16 hours a day, every day — including sex and fine dining.”

“You want a break, you really do,” he adds.

So is “House” really ending because Laurie got tired of doing the show?


In a statement provided to Gossip Cop, Laurie fires back at the rumor — and reveals that the quotes in question are actually years old.

He begins, “Some newspapers, obviously dissatisfied by the statement we released last week, have suggested that ‘the truth’ — a modern journalistic shorthand for ‘not even remotely the truth but it’s creepy enough so let’s go with it’ — behind our joint decision was that I was sick of going to work. The evidence for this was a remark I made five years ago about a different subject.”

“Let me say unequivocally that I love my job, and work harder at it than most journalists work at theirs. As we explained in our press release, we were trying to preserve some of the character’s mystique; we never wanted to over-stay our welcome,” he continues.

The actor goes on to note, “Very possibly, we could have continued with a re-worked formula — House gets a job in a shoe shop and high jinks ensue — but none of us could face that. We wanted to keep the band together and go out with as much dignity as we could muster.”

“I realize that plan is looking a little scruffy now, thanks to this petty rebuttal, but what the heck. I had to put the record straight,” he adds.

Laurie concludes, “As House himself has repeatedly said, ‘everybody lies.’”

And there you have it!

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