Busy Philipps Could Have Played Melissa McCarthy's Role In “Bridesmaids”

In an alternate universe, the role of Megan in “Bridesmaids” was played by Kim Kelly from “Freaks and Geeks.” Can you imagine?

Busy spoke to Celebuzz about her audition for the role -- which was not quite as it turned out to be:

“I auditioned for Bridesmaids. I didn’t get it. You can write that down. The truth is weird, I auditioned for Melissa McCarthy’s part – and that’s what’s weird … The part wasn’t defined necessarily as one thing [when I auditioned]. I was doing a very specific take on it, and they really liked it. But I think, ultimately, Miss McCarthy is perfect in that movie.”

Thankfully, she's not harboring too much resentment:

“I was bummed not to be in a great movie with a bunch of people that I’m friends with that also starred all the girls, and made a s***load of money,” she added. “But, what are you going to do? [Laughs] It’s just the way that it is. You have to get over it and move on! [Laughs] I love Paul [Feig]. I see Paul all the time, and I cannot wait to work with Paul at some point in the future … It’s been really fun to see his success from that movie. And I love Kristen [Wiig] so much. I think she’s such an incredible talent. I love her writing partner Annie Mumolo. I’m so happy for them and all their success.”

It's funny: almost every actor from "Freaks & Geeks" -- the set where Phillips first worked with Paul Feig -- has become a big-time movie star. But the ladies -- Phillips, Linda Cardellini, Natasha Melnick -- have yet to strike it big. Here's hoping that next script that Mumolo and Wiig are writing will have a role for Busy in mind, as it's pretty apparent that starring on ABC's "Cougar Town" isn't quite as satisfying as one might think.

Via: celebuzz.com


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