Breitbart To Occupiers: "Stop Raping People!"

Andrew Breitbart really lost it Friday night on Occupiers protesting outside the Conservative Political Action Conference.


Washington, D.C. -- A video posted today shows conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart shouting "Behave yourselves!" and "Stop raping people!" at Occupiers protesting outside CPAC this afternoon. He also calls them "freaks and animals."

According to Campus Progress writer Emily Crockett, who filmed the video at around 6:15 -- shortly after Breitbart stopped in to talk to media in the press filing room -- Breitbart stayed outside yelling at protesters for a few minutes and then "was gently encouraged to go inside by the security people."

Breitbart has made Occupy a large part of his role at CPAC this year: His "Occupy Unmasked" documentary was teased at CPAC today and he showed up at the conference wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.


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