Backstage Oscars Dish with the Winners

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Gossip Cop has your backstage Oscars dish.

Check out what you didn’t see on the show!

MERYL STREEP, Best Actress for The Iron Lady

An ecstatic Streep called her win “thrilling,” saying she feels like “a kid again.”

The three-time winner, who last took home an Academy Award in 1983, went on to say she understands the “Streep Fatigue.”

“It shocked me that it didn’t override tonight,” admitted Streep. “So I was really happy, but I don’t take anything for granted. That’s for sure.”

Wearing Ferragamo shoes that Margaret Thatcher actually once donned, Streep said she plans on celebrating her win with two Whiskeys — to start!

In fact, when reporters’ questions started to become a bit tedious in the press room, Streep noted she was getting quite… “thirsty.”

JEAN DUJARDIN, Best Actor for for The Artist

Dujardin got a curse past the censors… in French.

The Best Actor winner sheepishly acknowledged he blurted the F-word while accepting his award.

Oh, but it sounded so romantic in French.

CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER, Best Supporting Actor for Beginners

Plummer said his first Oscar win at 82 is the “la creme on top” of a decades-long career.

He added, “It has recharged me and I hope I can do it for another 10 years at least. I’m going to drop dead wherever I am, on stage or on the set. We don’t retire in our profession, thank God.”

The actor, who on stage credited his wife with “rescuing” him, explained that she has kept him “in line” all these years.

“I’m a naughty boy. I’ve been bad all my life, and she always puts me in line,” said Plummer. “I think it’s great what she’s done. It’s extraordinary.”

OCTAVIA SPENCER, Best Supporting Actress for The Help

The first-time winner acknowledged she’s “not the typical Hollywood beauty,” but wouldn’t respond to a reporter’s question backstage regarding the Academy’s predominantly white racial make-up.

“I can’t tell the Academy what to do, honey,” replied Spencer, adding, “I just won an Oscar.”

Still, Spencer admitted she hopes her win “inspires more young women to act, and especially women of color.”

“This will be one evening in my life I’ll never forget,” she said.

MARK COULIER and J. ROY HELLAND, Best Makeup for The Iron Lady

Streep’s look was created with the help of prosthetics, Coulier and Helland said.

The duo made a faux nose to recreate the look of Margaret Thatcher, and spent a full three hours a day working on the jowls of Streep’s face when it came to portraying Thatcher in her later years.

But Streep, we’re told, wanting to be recognized solely for her acting work, specifically asked that the behind-the-scenes efforts be kept on the down-low – until now.

TJ MARTIN, DAN LINDSAY AND RICHARD MIDDLEMAS, Best Feature Documentary for Undefeated

While Martin was the one who dropped the F-bomb on-air, the guys  blamed their onstage bleep blunder on Sean “Diddy” Combs!

Combs, executive producer of the documentary, Undefeated, plied the guys with champagne before the show even started.

In fact, Combs was standing backstage waiting to give them even more booze!

But, celebrations aside, Martin said it was “heartbreaking” to get cut off before the group could finish all their “thank yous.”

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