Bachelor Ben Flajnik Dates Then Eliminates in Belize, Plus Rose Ceremony Shocker



Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor” had Ben Flajnik and the ladies frolicking in Belize.

“The Bachelor” had a one-on-one date with Lindzi, who he jumped out of a helicopter with and into the ocean.

He later said, “This could very well be a woman I see myself with for the rest of my life… I’m falling in love with this woman.”

Next, Flajnik went solo with Emily on a date that included lobster fishing.

“This feels pretty right… I can see myself loving this woman,” he remarked afterwards.

And resident villain Courtney also had alone time with Flajnik, who looked into the camera and confessed, “I see my life with this woman.”

Kacie B., Nicki, and Rachel were relegated to a group date of… shark diving.

At one point, “The Bachelor,” who’s now ready to meet the women’s parents, gave Kacie B. the first rose of the episode.

But on the boat after shark diving, both she and Nicki tried to convince Flajnik that Courtney’s a mean-spirited fraud who’s on the show for all the wrong reasons.

So, was he swayed?

Right before it was time to hand out the remaining three roses — and send two women home — Flajnik took Courtney aside to have a word with her, and ask if her intentions were true.

Following their chat, rose number two went to Nicki.

Rose number three was then handed to Lindzi.

Vying for the last rose were Rachel and enemies Emily and Courtney.

And the last rose went to…



What do you think about Emily and Rachel being sent home and Courtney moving forward?

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