Angelina Jolie Gets Mocked For Dramatic Oscar Pose (VIDEO)


Brad Pitt may have had two of his movies nominated for Academy Awards, but it was Angelina Jolies right leg that stole the Oscars.

The actress got people talking when she assumed an overly exaggerated pose while presenting the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, jutting her right leg through her thigh-high slit and placing her left hand on her hip.

The pose was so dramatic that The Descendants screenwriter Jim Rash, who accepted the award with co-writers Alexander Payne and Nat Faxon, poked fun at her during his speech!

Assuming a mock-sultry expression, Rash imitated Jolie’s posture, sticking out his leg, placing his Oscar on his hip and throwing his head back.

Check out the video below!

Did you think Rash’s diss was funny or rude?

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