These People Actually Voted For Herman Cain Today

Andy and Jodie Rodwell are carrying out Stephen Colbert’s master plan in South Carolina.

GREENVILLE, South Carolina--Stephen Colbert's endorsement of former presidential candidate Herman Cain is paying off, at least with two voters. And in Greenville of all places -- long a conservative bastion in South Carolina.

Jodie and Andy Rodwell, a homemaker and engineer who live in Greenville, were leaving the polling station at a Baptist church when Jodie stopped to chat.

"I voted Herman Cain," she told BuzzFeed.

So did Andy. Why'd they do it?

"For Stephen Colbert," Jodie said. Neither would have considered any of the other entrants in the GOP field, they say, except Jodie was "a little tempted by Ron Paul."

"I like that he's pro-pot," she said.

When asked if they knew any other Herman Cain voters, the pair gave each other a look. "Not in our neighborhood," Jodie said.


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