Surprising Uses For Wolverine's Claws

Wolverine has been hacking and slashing his way across the Marvel Universe for almost 40 years, but what else could he do with those unbreakable claws?

Surprising Use #1:  Spearfishing

Surprising Use #1: Spearfishing

Forgot your fishing gear at home? No problem, take a swim and spear some fishies! Plus, with six blades, your odds of catching something just sextupled! How hot is that?


Surprising Use #2:  Emergency Surgery

Surprising Use #2: Emergency Surgery

After the Silver Samurai plunges his katana into Wolverine's belly, the grouchy Canuck decides that the quickest way to solve this dilemma is to separate the Samurai from his sword-arm. Operating rooms are for wussies. Anesthesia? Mutant, please!


Surprising Use #3:  Food Preparation

Surprising Use #3: Food Preparation

Slicing some lunch meats? Wolverine can get three cuts for the price of one! And don't even ask about mincing.


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