Magazine Says O.J. Simpson Claims to Be Khloe Kardashian’s Real Father

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(National Enquirer)

According to the National Enquirer, O.J. Simpson claims he’s Khloe Kardashian’s real father.

You read that correctly.

The jailed and disgraced football legend supposedly told “an insider” for the tabloid that Kardashian is his daughter, following an alleged tryst with Kris Jenner in 1983.

The Enquirer’s “bombshell” cover story follows on the heels of its sister publications Star and RadarOnline flogging rumors that the late Robert Kardashian was not Khloe’s biological dad.

Now comes this report of Simpson’s possible paternity, which seems to be based on the “astonishing resemblance” between Khloe and Simpson’s actual daughter, Sydney.

(Not exactly.)

The entire story is hearsay and desperately attempts to link Simpson to these new reports of Khloe being a love child — even though Simpson has never said anything of the sort.

The magazine fabricated a cover story suggesting he fathered Khloe Kardashian, without a shred of evidence whatsoever.

This is an Enquirer “bombshell,” not an “O.J. bombshell” as the cover proclaims – and it’s 100% false, either way.

On Wednesday, Khloe’s sister Kim treated this nonsense with appropriate silliness.

She tweeted a photo of the Enquirer cover and jokingly wrote, “Now we have all the answers! It makes sense now! Khloe u are so tan!”

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