MAG: Kim Kardashian Targeting Tim Tebow

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(National Enquirer)


According to the National Enquirer, Kim Kardashian is hoping to hook up with Tim Tebow.

You read that correctly.

“Sources say that Kim has been telling pals she wants to land a date with the devout Christian football sensation,” states the tabloid.

To make its case, the Enquirer cites debunked statistics concerning Kardashian’s TV ratings and appearance fees, theorizing that snaring Tebow is all about business.

“Kim needs to rehab her image to get her career revved up again,” explains a so-called “source” for the magazine, adding, “Dating someone like Tim Tebow would certainly do the trick.”


Actually, it sounds more like the Enquirer noticed that Kardashian has been in relationships with athletes, picked the football player who’s had huge recent media buzz, and decided to pair the two names.

Because as sources close to Kardashian assure us, it’s completely “not true” that she’s been chasing Tebow.

Let’s see how the Enquirer tries to wriggle out of this fabrication!

The tab quotes a source as saying, “Tim’s been made aware of Kim’s crush, and although flattered, he’s not interested.”

What a convenient development for the publication that made up the “crush” in the first place!

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