MAG: Demi Moore Scared Ashton Kutcher Might “Leak” Her Love Letters

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Demi Moore is begging Ashton Kutcher “to return dozens of sexy love letters and poems she wrote to him throughout their relationship,” reports the National Enquirer.

According to an alleged “pal” of the actress, “Demi’s panicked that Ashton, who’s notorious for saying dumb things on the internet, might leak her intimate words to friends, or even the whole world.”

(Nice made up, unrealistic-sounding quote, by the way.)

Anyway, the tab says Moore is so worried about Kutcher leaking her letters that she’s “warned him that if he doesn’t give her love writings back she’s going to seek legal advice.”


As in whoa, this has got to be one of the stupidest stories we’ve come across this week.

What is the argument here — that Kutcher is so careless on Twitter he’s going to accidentally tweet one of Moore’s love letters out?

And even if he were to ever (accidentally or purposely) leak her letters — which he wouldn’t — the world would be rocked from the bombshell that Moore once openly professed love for her husband?

The whole thing makes ZERO sense.

Regardless, a source close to The Scarlett Letter actress tells Gossip Cop the story is completely fabricated, adding, “it’s nonsense.”

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