Kim Kardashian: If Marriage Was Really a Business Deal, It Was a “Bad” One


Kim Kardashian co-hosted “Live with Kelly” on Monday, and argued that her brief marriage to Kris Humphries was not a sham.

The reality star explained, “If you really think about it, if this was a business decision and I really made all that money that everyone was claiming that we made off this wedding, and if the wedding was fake and just for TV – I’m a smart business woman — I would have stayed married longer.”

“This was a bad business decision,” she joked, referring to the massive criticism she’s received since announcing her divorce from Humphries, adding, “I really didn’t think that following my heart would create this much backlash.”

Kardashian continued, “Me being such a hopeless romantic, I wanted to believe in something so badly,” noting, “Khloe and Lamar got married after knowing each other for a month and they’re going on three years. My mom and Bruce after five months got married and they just celebrated their 20th anniversary.”

“I fell in love and thought it could work just like the examples that I saw,” she admitted.

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