Jennifer Aniston Gives Taylor Swift “Love Advice”?

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Perez “Scoop” Hilton strikes again!

The facts-challenged blogger breathlessly posted a story about Jennifer Aniston giving Taylor Swift “love advice” at last week’s People’s Choice Awards.

Perez says Aniston told Swift to “hang in there” and that “everything is gonna be okay.”

“They’ve reportedly never met before, but the source says Jen just had to tell her since she knows about it from experience,” explains the blogger.

He adds, “Hmm… inneresting… we’re not sure if we buy this or not…”


Perez isn’t sure if he “buys” this story?

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Well, here’s a good reason not to “buy” anything Perez is selling – he just cut and pasted a story from last year.

The whole Aniston/Swift conversation supposedly happened at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards.

NOT last week’s.

If Perez paid any attention to actual news, he’d know that Aniston and Swift did not even attend this year’s awards.

Of course, when a site’s primary strategy is to cut and paste stories without bothering to read them first, it’s no surprise that silly details like THE YEAR will fall through the cracks.

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