CLAIM: Jessica Simpson Forbids People From Swearing Around Her Womb

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Jessica Simpson is “warning friends and family not to cuss anywhere near her womb because she’s convinced her unborn kid can already hear and comprehend mega-filthy words,” begins a piece from the National Enquirer, in what has to be the most ridiculous story of the week.

A supposed “source” close to the singer claims, “Jessica is adamant that the baby sitting in her womb can hear everything around her, and she doesn’t want her tyke learning any curse words at such an early age!”


The tabloid adds, “Anytime someone even so much as mutters a naughty word anywhere near her. Jessica fires a furious glare and screams: ‘Don’t swear in front of my baby!’”

Just… wow.

Where the @#&%?! did this nonsense come from?

In any case, a source close to Simpson tells Gossip Cop the report is just as “absurd” as it sounds.

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