A New Anti-Romney Line: They’re All Gay!

An ugly fight on the right. Former CNP boss Steve Baldwin gay baits Human Events chief, blasts Mitt Romney for his “hundreds of actions to advance the homosexual agenda.”

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Mitt Romney's rise has provoked an intense counter-reaction from some conservative leaders, but we'd venture that this is the nastiest.

In an interview with the Iowa talker Steve Deace, Steve Baldwin -- the former head of the conservative Council for National Policy -- dismissed the publisher of the conservative Human Events a "homosexual who likes Romney."

Baldwin also attacked Romney for his record with regards to gay rights as governor of Massachusetts:

I mean, his whole administration was characterized by an almost obsessive devotion to the homosexual agenda. I would venture to say that Mitt Romney was the most aggressive pro-gay governor in American history, either party. Period. I mean Amy Contrada wrote a thousand page book documenting hundreds of actions by this man to advance the homosexual agenda. Hundreds. He was obsessed with it. You gotta start wondering here.

What do you have to start wondering, exactly?

Baldwin didn't respond to a request for an interview.

Human Events publisher Jeff Carneal also did not respond to inquiries.

Steve Deace, the host of the show, told BuzzFeed that "My only comment would be that Steve Baldwin is one of the most honest brokers in politics I know."

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