Russell Brand Blasts The Sun For “Lie” About Cheating, Compares Rupert Murdoch to Hitler and “Al-Qaida Recruitment Poster”

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11:16 am, November 30th, 2013

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Russell Brand has SLAMMED The Sun for a recent article claiming he cheated on girlfriend Jemima Khan, unloading on the outlet and its owner Rupert Murdoch in a fiery column for The Guardian.

The comedian and activist writes that The Sun on Sunday “lied” by “falsely claiming that I cheated on my girlfriend.”

He notes that it “might not seem like a big deal” in the greater context of “the crumbling economy, the savaged environment, the treacherous, inept, deceitful politicians that govern us, [and] the corrupt corporations that exploit us,” but that the report is “connected to all the other pestilence” Brand alleges The Sun and its sister newspapers spread.

Brand writes, “Everyone knows papers like the Daily Mail and the Sun can’t be trusted, we’ve come to accept their duplicity as part of their charm, and their defense, that it’s only really celebrities and people that deserve intrusion who are affected, while superficially true in this case, is actually the biggest lie of them all.”

He then calls Murdoch “an animatronic al-Qaida recruitment poster” and takes issue with the media mogul’s branding of The Sun as a “trusted news source” instead of “trustworthy.”

“We know the Sun is not trustworthy and so does he,” Brand says of Murdoch. “He uses the word ‘trusted’ deliberately. Hitler was trusted, it transpired he was not trustworthy.”

Brand’s column is mostly concerned with politics, not his personal life, but argues that the media’s “lies” about both come from the same “grime and scum,” “gossip” and “poison.”

What do you think about Brand’s comments?

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