CLAIM: Kelsey Grammer a “Bigamist,” Wed Kayte Walsh While Still Married to Camille

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2:48 pm, December 19th, 2012

(The Globe)

“Is Kelsey Grammer A Bigamist?” reads the headline of a story from The Globe.

According to the supermarket tabloid, the actor’s ex, Camille Grammer, “claims they are not officially divorced because he never signed the final papers — and yet he married Kayte Walsh on February 25, 2011.”

The mag then has a divorce attorney say that if Grammer didn’t divorce the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star before marrying Walsh, he committed “a crime,” and “would be a bigamist.”

But Grammer DID divorce Camille a couple of weeks before walking down the aisle with Walsh.

The magazine is 100% WRONG.

Grammer and the reality star were first legally divorced, and then afterwards worked on the financial aspects of their divorce.

In a letter obtained by Gossip Cop, Grammer’s attorney told The Globe, “Under California law, the divorce may occur before the financial issues are resolved through a process known as bifurcation. That process was used in this case and the marriage was terminated before Kelsey’s remarriage.”

“The legal expert that you conferred with obviously is unaware of the bifurcation procedure and is totally wrong in his analysis,” added Grammer’s lawyer.

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