Mary-Kate Olsen Learns Why You Shouldn’t Buy An Old Jaguar

Mary-Kate Olsen was recently spotted having some issues with her old Jaguar while cruising around East Hampton in New York. While classic British luxury cars can be very stylish, they can also be rather temperamental and prone to breaking down. Fortunately for Mary-Kate, a man (who happens to look like a classic Jaguar owner himself) came to assist her. Based off the attention Mary-Kate was giving the rear of the car, we can assume that’s were the problem resided. It almost looks like she just needed help opening the trunk!

Mary-Kate Olsen JaguarMary-Kate Olsen Jaguar BrokenJaguar Mary Kate Olsen

Thanks Chris for the tip!

Source (Matt Agudo – INF Photo)

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Jodie Kidd’s Big Cat

Jodie Kidd

Apart from her long modeling career and even longer legs, Jodie Kidd is renowned for her love of cars. When she’s not on TV presenting classic car shows, she’s climbing into racing overalls.

Despite admitting to selling some of her cars when she became a mother, including a Maserati, the supermodel felt the itch and purchased this Jaguar F-Type a car she affectionately calls, “Ole girl”.

Jodie Kidd

It’s not often you find a supermodel with a deep and passionate love affair with cars, especially a racer and a participant in the Gumball 3000 Rally. With legs that long, the only question remaining is: what car is the tightest fit for a supermodel?

Her reply was the legendary Ford GT-40.

Jodie Kidd
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