CLAIM: Kris Jenner Was “Abusive Mother,” “Hit” and Kicked Kim Kardashian

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2:32 pm, January 23rd, 2013


(In Touch)

“A Mother’s Darkest Secrets EXPOSED!” blares a cover from In Touch, which alleges Kris Jenner was “abusive” to her children when they were young.

The mag cites purported journals by the late Robert Kardashian, provided by his ex, Ellen, who just last week falsely and ridiculously claimed Robert had said his daughter Khloe was not a Kardashian.

One excerpt from the alleged diaries says Jenner was “kicking and beating” an eight-year-old Kim, and then “said she was going to kill her!”

The journals further allege that when Jenner dated Todd Waterman, she “left the kids,” all 11 years old or younger, “for days at a time.”

In Touch quotes Ellen as saying, “This was a nightmare for [Robert]… he hated to see them suffer.”

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According to the diaries, when Kris was home, she would either “hide out in her bedroom to sleep off her late-night partying” or “get into physically and verbally abusive arguments with her kids.”

Another excerpt from the journals claims the momager “screamed and yelled” at a nine-year-old Kim, called her an “a**hole” and allegedly “hit her.”


So how, after all of these supposed incidents, are Jenner’s grown daughters so close with her?

In Touch quotes a so-called family “source” as saying, “They have all expressed to their mom how much they were hurt by her. She cries sometimes and says she did the best she could, and she tries to make it up to them by spending money on them.”

The purported “insider” adds that the Kardashians “have come to accept a lot of what happened in their past… but they will never, ever forget it.”

These are some very serious allegations against Kris Jenner, coming from a tabloid that’s been so reckless in its recent reporting about the family that both Jenner and Khloe blasted the publication publicly last week.

Not surprisingly, the Kardashians are now SLAMMING these latest claims as entirely FALSE.

A rep for the family tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “We have no knowledge of these diaries existing and these accusations are ridiculous and not true.”

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