Nick Lachey: Kim Kardashian Alerted Paparazzi to Our Date

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11:48 am, April 18th, 2013

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Nick Lachey revealed an interesting anecdote about onetime gal pal Kim Kardashian in a new interview with Details, recalling a low-key date the pair went on in 2006 that wound up in the tabloids the following day.

Asked if he were responsible for making the reality star famous, Lachey replied, “Let’s just say this: We went to a movie. No one followed us there. Somehow, mysteriously, when we left, there were 30 photographers waiting outside.”

“There are certain ways to play this game, and some people play it well,” offered the 98 Degrees singer.

The interviewer then added that Kardashian also had some help from her sex tape, to which Lachey chimed in, “Yeah, well, that was already in the can.”

What do you think of Lachey’s comments about Kardashian?

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Bradley Cooper: I’ve Been Living With My Mom For The Past 2 Years

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1:57 pm, April 16th, 2013


Bradley Cooper opens up about his father’s death in 2011, and reveals in the May issue of Details that his mother has been living with him for the past two years.

The Silver Linings Playbook star tells the magazine, “We’re surviving. Both of us. Let’s face it: It’s probably not easy for her, by the way, to be living with her son. It’s life. And right now, two years after my father’s death, this is where we are.”

Cooper adds, “My family is very close, and my dad dying was brutal for all of us. It was a schism, and its aftershock has not stopped. And we need each other. So here we are.”

The star shares, “But don’t get me wrong. It’s not without complications. It’s not like I live in a compound and she’s in the guesthouse. No. She’s in the next room. But here’s the thing: She’s a cool chick. We can hang, and she can roll with the punches.”

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Cooper goes on to reveal that since the death of his dad, he’s more comfortable with being alone.

He says, “I don’t know what’s happened, maybe the death of my father or that I’m getting older, but I realize that I enjoy it tremendously now… being alone. I can stay alone for days. And be okay… I was just alone for seven days in Paris.”

The Hangover star also discusses being nominated for an Oscar, which came with the realization that some people didn’t take him seriously as an actor.

Cooper offers, “I had no idea how many people didn’t think I was really an actor. That surprised me. To me, I look at that guy in The Hangover, and that’s a full character that I worked on with the director to fit the story. Just like Sack Lodge in Wedding Crashers. So I’m creating characters that I think are full and rich, and everyone thought I was that guy.”

For more of Cooper’s candid interview, head over to Details.

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Josh Groban Talks “Dating” Katy Perry, Being “Madly in Love” with January Jones

7:51 pm, January 30th, 2013


Josh Groban opens up about romances with two high-profile stars — Katy Perry and January Jones — in the February issue of Details.

The singer at first refuses to comment on whether he and Perry were once more than friends, laughing off a question about whether his “tongue” ever touched hers.

“I’m not commenting on that,” Groban says, before admitting, “We might have skated on the line of dating.”

But the crooner has no problem spilling on his two-and-a-half-year relationship with Jones, whom he dated before her starring turn on “Mad Men.”

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“We were madly in love,” reveals Groban. ”It was definitely my longest relationship.”

And it’s definitely impacted the way the star views romance, with Groban noting, ”I’d love to get into another serious relationship. I am a real romantic at heart.”

Groban also talks to the mag about slamming Lindsay Lohan on Twitter after her “SNL” hosting stint last year.

“I just felt like, What is that person doing?” recalls the singer. ”It just didn’t seem she had any comedic ability.”

Groban continues, “I was jealous that she got to host SNL, which I love with a passion. And I was drunk. So between those thoughts and the delicious Lagavulin that was burning a hole in my stomach, I wrote a snarky tweet.”

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