Kris Jenner Has ‘Amazing’ Night with Bruce and Sons Brody, Brandon After Split (PICS)

12:13 pm, October 11th, 2013



Kris and Bruce Jenner may have separated, but they’re still together — on Instagram.

The reality TV power couple and Bruce’s sons Brody and Brandon hang out together in a new pair of pictures posted on Thursday.

“Another amazing night @brodyjenner @sprandoni and Bruceeeeee!!! Too fun I love you guys!!!” wrote Kris, accompanied by the photo at right.

She added, “Best hearts#sorry TMZ got it wrong AGAIN LOL” in response to a TMZ report of bad blood between the Kardashian matriarch and her two stepsons.

Brody then posted his own picture (see below) of the estranged family hanging out on the floor.

He wrote, @krisjenner and I are dating now and @sprandoni and Bruiser seem pretty chill about it hahah.”

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Kim Kardashian “Miserable” in Greece, Kendall Jenner Melts Down on KUWTK

9:59 pm, August 4th, 2013



On Sunday’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kris Jenner and stepson Brody tried working out their issues in Greece, as a pregnant Kim Kardashian found herself increasingly “miserable,” and Kendall Jenner had a huge meltdown.

As seen on last week’s episode, Brody decided to be brutally honest with Kris, and confront her over his resentments about the way he’s grown up, the way she lives her life, and their poor relationship.

Kris ended up in tears over Brody’s comments, especially as he went on to point out the difficulties between her, husband Bruce Jenner, and his mom (Bruce’s ex-wife) Linda.

“When I met Bruce, your parents had been separated for 8 to 10 years. It wasn’t like I was breaking up a marriage,” explained Kris, saying she was “really excited” to welcome Brody and his brother Brandon into her life.

Kris went on to say, “I want you to honestly know that I’m really trying to do my best, and I’m trying to be a good mom, and I’m almost there. I love you, I truly do, and I always have.”

Brody started to see Kris’ point of view, and viewed the heart-to-heart as a “breakthrough” and a “time for a new beginning.”

“This trip is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to us,” he admitted.


Kim, however, didn’t seem to be enjoying the trip much at all.

“I was looking at Kim and she just doesn’t seem happy. She’s so just miserable,” Kris lamented to Khloe.

Khloe pointed out, “Pregnancy isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t seem like she’s enjoying hers… The baby will bring her happiness.”

During a family meal, Kim seemed less than pleased as the family laughed about her disheveled look, and made fun of her “big f**king boobs.”

The mom-to-be was further put off after spotting paparazzo photographers in the distance as she tried to sunbathe.

“I have been really scrutinized my whole pregnancy, about what I wear, my weight, which is ridiculous,” complained Kim. ”And it’s frustrating the paparazzi are here.”

It wasn’t until her last night that Kim seemed to start smiling again, as she told the camera, “I’m getting up really early to go fly to Paris and spent time with my boyfriend [Kanye West].”

“I’m very pregnant. It was really hard for me to be on this vacation,” she continued, before adding, “But I’m really glad I came here.”

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Like Kim, Kendall was similarly upset on the vacation, especially after she was left out during an ATV outing.

“No one asked me to go. I’ve been sitting here not doing anything,” a shocked Kendall complained when Brody returned from the adventure.

She went on to tell the camera, “Going on this trip, I was expecting to spend a lot of time with my family, but I’ve been left out and it’s a little disappointing.”

The situation worsened after the family traveled to Santorini for the last leg of their trip, as Kendall told her family, “I might as well not be on this trip. I haven’t talked to one person.”

“I haven’t been included in one thing for this entire day. I’ve been sitting in the room while you guys are out doing stuff,” she continued before starting to cry and storm off.

Things came to a head the next day when Kendall was missing from breakfast, leading Khloe to go track her down.

A crying Kendall yelled at Khloe to leave, screaming, “Go away. I’m not filming this… I’m not, like, happy at all,” before storming off again.

After learning part of Kendall’s hysterics stemmed from not spending time with Brody and feeling alienated after having such high hopes for their trip together, Khloe suggested the former “Hills” star try to include her more.

“I didn’t know Kendall was so sensitive,” Brody told the camera. “I get to learn new things about my sisters ever day.”

For her part Kendall said, “I was just hoping this trip could make up for lost time with me, Brandon, and Brody, and I feel like that’s not really happening.”

Brody tried to right things by taking Kendall ATV-ing just the two of them, a touching gesture that finally made the 17-year-old happy on the trip.

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Scott Disick finally arrived near the end of the vacation, after spending time in London — and earning Kourtney’s ire after getting photographed leaving a night club with some sketchy women.

“At the end of the day, you shouldn’t put yourself in those situations,” Brody told him as they discussed the issue, prompting Scott to shoot back, ”I [was] just trying to get in a f**king car!”

Kourtney further became peeved when Scott said he preferred to sleep than go explore the city with the family.

“He just needs to suck it up and try to have fun,” she declared to the camera, even though her baby daddy clearly felt differently.

Brandon’s wife Leah later found Scott “hiding,” and he admitted to feeling “overwhelmed when there’s so many people and so many different things going on.”

Leah, who was on her first trip with the whole family, said that she, too, felt the pressure to always be involved — and Scott pointed out that’s his life “every day.”

But after their talk, Scott felt determined to make up for lost time, and he took Kourtney out for a private dinner.

“I definitely feel a little guilty. Kourtney and I haven’t done much. I do have to say I’m with a wonderful person,” he told the camera.

With everyone now happy and getting along, the great Kardashian-Jenner Greece vacation came to an end.

Check out the videos below!

PHOTOS – The Kardashians Vacation in Greece – SEE HERE!

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